Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world. It is a reflection of its three main geographical zones, the coast, the Andean highlands and the jungle, and an incorporation of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. As the Peruvian cuisine is only beginning to be recognized internationally in the last few years, food and its preparation is one important part of the Peruvian culture and a very personal way to express the Peruvian identity. Today the Peruvian cuisine combines the PreČ-Inca and Inca food with the Spanish, Basque, African, Asian, French, Italian and British cuisine which immigrants brought with them; a unique fusion of the culture, traditions and flavors of four continents. In which all parts coexist or melt in harmony and even enrich another. The foreign influences and ethnic diversity to the Peruvian cuisine is also characterized by Peru's unique climates and landscapes. Each region, each town has its own local cuisine and culinary treasures, depending on geography and climate that provide different ingredients native to each area.